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D-Vibe Evaluation online Survey.

The D-Vibe Evaluation tool is a confidential online drug education survey with versions suitable for both primary and secondary students.


This facility is not a D.A.R.E. product, but is provided free of charge by Nottinghamshire County Council to those schools located within the Nottinghamshire County geographical area.  Details of the evaluation tools that Life Skills Education uses can be found here.

Those schools located within the City of Nottingham or other counties of the UK should make contact with Nottingham City Council through their Drug Aware Programme.

Using D-Vibe Evaluation in the Classroom

If you are an education professional in a school located within the Nottinghamshire County area, this free survey has been designed to support you in your drug education as part of your planned curriculum.

By integrating the survey into your classroom activities you can use the data in a number of ways.

  • to collect baseline data from which to plan and evaluate  drug education or make a case for extending  existing provision based on pupils needs.
  • to create the initial focus for drug education lessons; encouraging students to discuss and consider a broad range of drug education issues, their own knowledge, attitudes and skills.
  • To evaluate planned drug education over a single year or to ensure it is relevant to student needs and effective in increasing their resilience.
  • Resilience scores are built into the reports to provide a snapshot of how students’ knowledge, skills and protective attitudes have increased between the baseline and follow up surveys for any cohort.

Resilience Scores

The resilience score is a simple calculation of the resilience of a cohort in relation to the risk of drugs, smoking and alcohol. A range of ‘ideal answers’ have been selected from across the survey to capture students’ positive protective knowledge, skills and attitudes in relation to drugs, smoking and alcohol. This includes:

  • their knowledge of the effects, dangers and legal status of substances,
  • their knowledge of services and support available to them
  • their beliefs about the social acceptability of drugs, smoking and alcohol
  • their knowledge of safety around alcohol and recommended intake
  • their ability to recognise and respond to potential risk situations associated with drugs, smoking and alcohol

The number of ‘ideal’ or correct answers is added together and shown as part of a maximum to give a snapshot of the resilience of the group. Because D-Vibe is designed to be used as an evaluative tool, to plan an intervention/curriculum and then to test its effectiveness by repeating the survey, the pre and post programme scores can be compared to show how the intervention has increased the resilience of the group overall.

Use in Strategic Analysis

The use of D-Vibe Evaluation tool also increases the information relating to young people held on the Nottinghamshire County Council Safer Communities database; collecting valuable new data from which to plan and evaluate drug and life skills education at a strategic level and assisting in making a case for extending existing provision and developing additional interventions based on young people’s needs.


Life Skills Education C.I.C. strongly recommend to schools that they participate in the online survey for the reasons outlined above. On behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council we promote, support and administer the expansion of D-vibe throughout the County of Nottingham.

You can personally experience the online survey by visiting this webiste, clicking on the ‘Preview Survey’ and following the instructions for logging into the preview survey and report features. Your report is not entered onto any database.

Request For Access

  • Please complete the details in the adjacent box.
  • On receipt of the request access, you will within 7 days be provided with an administrator log-in name and password for your school and a Guidance For Use document which will enable you to set up and edit individual cohorts and surveys.
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