A DARE Game Module

Ideal for discussing fire safety in tutor time or at youth clubs, the DARE Game offers situation, setting and profile cards to enable thoughtful discussion. 

According to Government statistics, “6000 fires a year are caused by children under the age of 10. In addition, more than 500 children under the age of 11 are injured and 11 children are killed on average in fires in the home in England each year.”

Most fires are preventable.  Young children are forever curious and testing the world around them, so it can be difficult to teach them about fire hazards and fire safety.  One of the best ways to engage children is to ask them to complete an interactive challenge.

Developed with the Leicestershire Fire Service this module looks at the dangers and making good decisions surrounding fire and fire setting.  In small groups young people get to discuss what the dangers might be with a randomised selection of information handed to them by the facilitator.  A comprehensive lesson plan ensures the facilitator has access to the latest legal and statistical data available.

Every child is different, so it’s important to teach them about fire safety in a variety of ways, then get them to prove what they have learnt.

Identifying fire hazards and reducing risks for children is really important in ensuring their safety.  Some short fire safety videos can be found below for young children:

Some more fire safety resources can be found below


Keep your family and your home safe with just a little fire safety preparation and prevention.  Prepare, Practice and Prevent.

Safe Kids

Top tips every parent needs to strike that balance between freedom and safety. When keeping kids happy, active and safe, we’re all in this together.

NI Direct

Fire is one of the most common causes of accidental injury and death among children. They are naturally drawn to the warmth and light of fire.

Red Cross

During a fire, early warning from a working smoke alarm plus a fire escape plan that has been practiced regularly can save lives.

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