Internet Safety for Kids

A Standalone Module

Explore situations and risks of online activities surrounding texting, social media, grooming, inappropriate photography, cyber-bullying and more.

Using the internet with children and young people is an incredibly rewarding experience. Children can play, learn, create and connect - opening up a whole world of exciting possibilities. But with the digital world changing all the time, how can you ensure internet safety for kids when they are online?

That’s where the DARE Game comes in, the Internet Safety module has been specifically designed to help children stay safe online. The DARE Game has been developed for young people 12-15 years, though older age groups may find this resource useful too. It is appropriate for use in any situation/setting and the group facilitator is provided with a session plan including detailed game instructions, legislation sheet and a glossary of terms.

The programme utilises a series of profile, situation and setting cards for each of the modules covered.  There are a number of each and when combined as a set create a topic for discussion by the young people. There are also sets of lesson plans and fact and statistics to help with facilitation of the sessions.

Our unique DARE DECISION MAKING MODEL is explained and utilised to enable young people to make step by step decisions

Activities that use new technologies can make a really valuable contribution to the wider school curriculum and to children’s learning. It is essential for educators to recognise the benefits of technology and understand the many different ways that children and young people are using internet enabled devices, especially in the home and within social environments.  At times it can be hard to keep up with changes in the use of technology, but the underlying principle for staying safe online are the same.

Some basic rules for staying safe online are:

  • Explore sites and apps together and talk about any concerns
  • Ask your young people if they know how to stay safe online, facilitate discussion
  • Talk about personal information and what to share online
  • Ask your young people if they know where reporting functions are on the sites they use, how to block someone and how to keep information private.


There are a lot of places to find information on Internet Safety for Kids, here are some of the best


It can be hard to keep track of what your child is doing on social networks, apps and games. Or know how to keep them safe.  The NSPCC has bundles of resources.


Resources to help you use the internet safely and positively as a professional, and information to help safeguard your workplace and the young people you work with.

Internet Matters

Children use the internet in different ways depending on their age and so we’ve developed checklists for parents that give you top tips on how to help them stay safe.

Think U Know

Supporting you to deliver education and raise awareness of online child abuse and exploitation.  Search The Resource Library and view Thinkuknow resources.

The DARE Game

Find out more about our internet safety module.

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DARE Game Internet Safety for Kids

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