Over 360,000 young people in the UK have been through a DARE programme

Scientifically proven to have a statistical effect on:

Getting help from others; Communication and listening; Making safe and responsible choices; Knowledge about drugs, alcohol and substance abuse

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Life Skills Education Resources for Teachers

​​…delivering drug and life skills education since 1995​Life Skills Education Resources for Teachers - DARE Primary Workbook

​We have been developing and delivering our drug and life skills education resources for teachers in UK schools for 21 years.  Our programmes are put together using evidence from research and follow government guidelines and best practice.

Proven to be effective

Not only has an independent study shown that our programmes are effective on all major outcomes, teachers have rated them ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’.  Parent feedback shows that their children developed new skills and knowledge as a result of our courses.

A national issue

Drug and substance misuse by young people in the UK costs around £28 Billion each year.  Statistics show that 11% of young people have tried drugs at some point and we know that regular abuse can start with the casual use of ‘soft drugs’.

One of the UK’s largest deliverers of Life Skills Education resources for teachers

Life Skills Education programmes are run in almost 300 schools and delivered to over 10,000 young people per year.  Since the very first course in the UK in 1995 over 360,000 young people have been through one of our courses.

That said, D.A.R.E. programmes are delivered by different organisations in 52 different countries around the world.  All use the D.A.R.E. decision making model but each is developed specifically for the country in which it is used.  We developed ours in conjunction with the original writers at Penn State University to ensure that we continue to benefit from the research that underpins the programme.

Keepin it REAL our secondary level life skills education resources for teachersYour course, your way

There is a range of age appropriate Life Skills Education Resources for teachers providing a cohesive curriculum that progresses from primary Key Stage 2 up to Secondary Key Stage 4 as well as community based programmes.

All of our Life Skills Education Resources for teachers combine the use of:

1.    A mix of delivery staff including teachers and our own staff
2.    A wide range of resources including visual slides, videos, roll play activities and workbooks to record learning
3.    A truly comprehensive set of lesson plans to facilitate delivery
4.    Quality Assurance, monitoring and feedback.

Choose your course now!

No shipping charges when you choose a course delivered in full or part by a D.A.R.E. Officer.

Because every child deserves the right to make an informed decision

Our Life Skills Education resources for teachers are a cost effective way to deliver your PSHE curriculum surrounding issues around life skills education such as:

•    Bullying
•    Personal responsibility
•    Communication
•    Decision making
•    Risks and consequences
•    Communication
•    Dealing with pressure
•    Use and misuse of legal and illegal drugs
•    Peer group pressure
•    Smoking
•    Alcohol
•    Cannabis
•    Solvent abuse

Feedback from teachers, parents and young people as well as independent studies show anecdotal and statistical improvements on decision making skills and knowledge surrounding these issues.A community life skills education resource for teachers - DARE Active

For more information on our effectiveness, go here.

Why reinvent the PSHE wheel?

Our programmes are developed using evidence based research, following government guidelines and best practice and in conjunction with a wide array of outside agencies including local government, local health agencies, Mentor ADEPIS, and education specialists to name but a few.  With the growing pressures elsewhere in schools why not let us lighten the load of your PSHE requirements for you?

•    Outside intervention – You can choose how many sessions (if any) you want our fully trained D.A.R.E. Officers to deliver at your school
•    Children have fun – Our courses are designed to engage young people in an enjoyable and interactive way using a variety of delivery methods
•    A cost effective tool – You can have a course fully delivered by one of our D.A.R.E. Officers for as little as £2.45 per child per week.  A 3% discount is available for booking a second year
•    Healthier young people – Able to make positive choices to reduce the risks of harmful behaviour
•    Encourage interaction at home – 73% of parents have said that their children actively engaged with them at home on topics discussed on our programmes

Prepare your PSHE programme now with our Life Skills Education Resources for Teachers

98% of responses from teachers rate our programmes ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’

‘The children thoroughly enjoy the DARE programme and through the homework activities they discuss issues at home I have had many favourable comments from parents. The children really enjoy the graduation and put a lot of effort into making up poems, songs and sketches to perform.’

Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School.

‘The course was again, very well presented by the DARE Officer.  He enthused the children and they felt they could ask questions. This work fitted superbly into PSHE lessons and the school’s bullying policy.’

John Blow School.

All our D.A.R.E. Officers undergo a 6-day intensive training programme

We have a large network of fully qualified and trained D.A.R.E. Officers, each having been through an extensive training programme (including an ‘in classroom’ assessment) and are subject to termly quality assurance monitoring.

Need more proof?  Try us out

There’s only one way to see if our courses are right for you and that’s to test them out.  We offer taster sessions of our courses delivering session 1 for just £50.  If you decide to go ahead with the full course, and we’re sure you will, then that £50 charge is deducted from the cost of the full course.

So you want to help your young people understand how to deal with risks and consequences and free up your staff time in the process?  Great!  We have a range of life skills education resources for teachers at both Primary and Secondary age groups as well as some resources for use by community groups.

The DARE Game life skills education resources for teachersLife Skills Education Resources for Teachers – Independently proven to:

•    Increase knowledge surrounding drugs, alcohol and substance abuse
•    Making safe and responsible choices
•    Communication and listening
•    Getting help from others.