DARE Active

A secondary programme for young people aged 11 - 15, the principle themes are Responsibility, Achievement and Aspiration.

DARE Active is a recently developed resource for 11 to 15 year olds, designed for delivery in secondary schools or within communities e.g. youth clubs, sport teams or group activities.

Its principle themes are Responsibility, Achievement and Aspiration. The programme takes a fresh approach and introduces the ‘Six Keys to Success’ developed by the British Athletes Commission as an integral part of the curriculum. Young people are encouraged to assess themselves against the Six Keys against a set of criteria.

DARE Active is principally led by DARE Champions; members of the community (professional and non professional) who are actively involved in teaching, training, supporting or coaching young people and are trained and licensed by Life Skills Education Charity to deliver the  resource. The programme consists of six sessions which can be delivered as a six week programme or stand alone (a modular approach). It includes an optional celebration of achievement event.

DARE Officer delivery is available at a cost of £30 per session, please call 0300 111 3273 for information.

DARE Active Secondary Resource

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