The DARE Game

Explore the law in relation to the Internet and legal drugs, whilst applying the DARE Decision Making Model to scenarios.

The DARE Game is a highly interactive card game which addresses the issues of:

 – Drug and Alcohol use

 – Internet Safety

 – Road Safety

 – Fire Safety

Revised and updated in January 2017 the DARE Game enables and encourages discussion between young people and the facilitator and allows them to:

  • Apply the DARE decision making model in a variety of situations surrounding the issues above
  • Practice effective decision making by exploring a range of different scenarios applied to different people in different situations and locations
  • Explore ways of keeping healthy and safe and to recognise that action can be taken which minimises risk in varying situations
  • Understand the law as it relates to the issues discussed

The DARE Game has been developed for young people 12-15 years, thoughLottery Funded Logo older age groups may find this resource useful too. It is appropriate for use in any situation/setting and the group facilitator is provided with a session plan including detailed game instructions, legislation sheet and a glossary of terms.

The DARE Game consists of a ‘hand’ of cards consisting of a Profile, Setting and Scenario card (and in some cases Wild cards), together with the DARE Decision Making Model (DDMM) which enables the group to identify and explore issues before making decisions regarding different options in order to keep themselves and others safe.

There are a series of introductory videos that accompany the DARE Game along with extra resources surrounding drug and life skills education issues which are collated and updated quarterly.  Blank Profile, Situation and Setting Cards are made available for facilitators and students to create their own scenarios that are applicable to issues that directly affect them.

Modules can be downloaded at a cost of £10 per module, £18 for 2, £25 for 3 or £30 for all four modules.

The DARE Game – A card game that discusses risky behaviour

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