DARE Champion Training

Dare Officer Training

£300.00 per day – Max 15 in Attendance

We offer D.A.R.E. Champion Training courses to support those training, teaching, coaching and mentoring young people in schools and the community to deliver our DARE Active programme. The events accommodate a maximum of 15 staff and are scheduled for dates agreed with the commissioning organisation. The intended outcomes of the training courses are:

  • Be conversant with the content of the curricula and the learning outcomes for each session.
  • Demonstrate practical skills and theoretical knowledge of a variety of teaching methods to meet the needs of different learning styles and situations.
  • Possess and source adequate knowledge of drug facts and information to meet the needs of the curricula.

The length of the course will range from 2 to 5 days dependent upon the experience and qualifications of those attending and will be negotiated with the commissioning organisation.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of setting up a DARE Champion Training Course please call us on 0300 111 3273.