DARE Primary Taster Session

DARE Primary Programme

Unsure if DARE Primary is right for you? Why not try a DARE Primary Taster Session!?

The DARE Primary Taster Session is available to new schools who want to get know what DARE Primary is all about. For £50 we will send a DARE Officer to deliver lesson 1 of the DARE Primary
programme. The interactive sessions will introduce pupils to the DARE Decision Making Model. They will start to explore issues about drugs and alcohol, including the legalities, helpful and harmful drugs and making safe and healthy choices.

This session is an adapted lesson 1 and will stand alone if you decide not to purchase the whole course. However we are confident that when you have seen how the children engage and learn, you will want them to benefit from the full course. When you book, the cost of the taster session will be deducted from your total course invoice.

Please bear in mind that as you book a taster session you need to allow enough time if you want the same class / year / children to benefit from the rest of the course.

DARE Primary Taster Session

Number of classes for taster sessions