Keepin it REAL

Keepin it REAL - A course developed to help with the transition to secondary addressing issues around effective decision-making and communication skills.

The keepin It REAL programme is our core secondary school programme for 11 to 16 year olds. It is based on the well-researched and established D.A.R.E. America keepin’ It REAL middle school curriculum and was developed over three years in order to be delivered in UK secondary schools.

Keepin it REAL introduces students to the resistance strategies of Refuse, Explain, Avoid and Leave, whilst addressing effective decision-making and communication skills. The programme also addresses conflict management, stereotypes of young people and influences on behaviour in addition to exploring support networks.  These strategies can be used when young people find themselves in risky or difficult situations, which may or may not be drug or alcohol related. The programme also focuses on effective decision making and communication skills which can be used in many different situations.

Engaging activities and a workbook are included to involve students in their own learning. Through sharing their own stories, practising decision making and role-playing the REAL resistance strategies, students gain mastery of new skills.  The workbook is a crucial part of the programme; recording their thoughts and feelings will help embed learning for students and give them a record of their work.

Keepin it REAL’s key learning tool is a series of videos that show teenagers and their own, real stories about being offered drugs and other difficult situations.  These are also supported by:

  • session notes with activity guide and instructions
  • student workbooks
  • presentation slides
  • a series of video scenarios depicting young people sharing their thoughts and experiences and a short film based on a real life situation.

The programme is written to be delivered flexibly and can be delivered in the following ways:

  • The full programme of 13 sessions (recommended by Life Skills Education)
  • An abridged version consisting of 6 sessions
  • A flexible, mix and match approach with core recommended modules

Limited DARE Officer delivery is available at a cost of £51.25 per session, please call 0300 111 3273 for information.

Keepin it REAL for Secondary Schools

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